Cooking with MiraWanna

I guess before I begin, I should share a bit about myself and why I decided to start this blog. My name is Mira, I love to cook, I love to taste new things, I try to put a healthier spin on traditional recipes and find sensible alternatives to the high-end health foods so many people cannot afford.
Additionally, I love that cannabis is becoming legal in more places every day! This allows me to do what I love and share my recipes with you!

Whether you are curious about cooking with cannabis or you are just looking for new and exciting ways to utilize your butter and oil, I am here to help satisfy what you crave.

(Void Where Prohibited)

My goal is to incorporate a little cannabis into some common meals, some beverages, and snacks, not get you wrecked so you are stuck in the kitchen, talking to the dish strainer, or clutching onto the countertop for dear life!

I cannot stress this enough; when using ANY herbs with psychoactive effects, be responsible:

  • Keep your cannabis and all products infused with them, safely out of reach of children.
  • Never serve ANY infused libations or products to ANYONE without their knowledge.
  • As with medical marijuana patients, Micro-dosing is always suggested, there is no way to predict how any single individual may respond or metabolize high levels.
  • It is not wise to drive, operate machinery, or make any life-altering decisions for at least several hours after you have consumed your herbs and the effects have worn off.
  • If you are not a legal medical marijuana patient and don’t live in a legal state, my recommendations are to move or to just be patient, it’s happening… in due time my friends!
  • If you are intelligent enough to read and follow a recipe, you are intelligent enough to know better, please be smart enough to NOT break the law.


As any stoner will attest, not all cannabis is created equal. With that said, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Knowledge is power, and if you want to enjoy the benefits of this herb, you need to understand the uncomfortable side effects that are likely to arise when being assumptive or misinformed. Besides all that, why waste your money or your weed?!

I have no affiliation with ANY links, I offer some suggested sites where you can do some additional independent research. It is not always easy to find reliable, honest information on the web, and I am not here to make any false claims.

I have high respect for Cannabis Cheri, especially for the fact that she provides a totally $FREE$ 10-12 min long mini dosing course complete with a dosing calculator and reference guide. This mini-course is really something that everyone should know before diving head first into edibles.

Feel free to look around, don’t just take my word for anything, it’s all about what works best for you. I suggest familiarizing yourself with several other sites and dosing calculators, the one I used as a newbie was I’ve also seen several others including ¬† and Leafly has this reference chart:

As with all recipes, mine may differ from others you’ve seen, ideas may be conflicting on some things. I won’t claim that I offer the only way to do anything. I constantly try new ideas and I won’t hesitate to admit when I have to make a change. I simply try to make it easy, I try to take the stress out of trying new things, I try to focus on simple solutions for the sake of frugality, I try to satisfy the needs of my readers.